master of ceremonies and professional voice actor

Voice & Stage Authority

Professional Master of Ceremonies
and American Male Voiceover Artist

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Energy & Command

Master Your Event

Mastering a Ceremony far exceeds a clear voice or fearlessness on stage, but the ability to provide the emotional foundation for attendees to always feel someone is in control of events. Christian’s ability to command a stage and attendee attention will ground your event.

Versatility, energy, authority

Tell us about your project or Event

What kind of project are you developing and how can Christian help bring it to life?


A seasoned Toastmaster, Christian can craft a speech or engaging breakout based on your theme

Master of Ceremonies

Introduce Speakers, Manage Time, crowd Control, answer questions, energy maintenance


Maintain Energy, Introduce couple, run Games, Lead Group Dances, provide calm and direction


Whether as a public emcee or behind-the-scenes on the mic, Christian is the baritone you need

Professional Voice Actor

from the local to the national stage, Christian can produce high quality audio from his home studio in Colorado

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with 14 years experience